The Structured Cable System is the backbone of your communications. Your telephone and data equipment rely on the cable system to transport voice and data information from station to station and to the outside world. A poor cable system will cause telephones to malfunction and data systems to run slow or not at all.

In the mid 1980's as communications was just starting to become important to businesses, United Security Communications recognized the need for more reliable cable systems and a standard to base design and installations. We searched for information covering such standards and found little to work from. The EIA/TIA and IEEE standards used today for voice and data cable had not been created as of yet. The only option was to create our own standards and stick to them. Common sense things such as: do not splice wire, do not run cable over florescent lights, do not attach cable to high voltage cable and conduits, use good quality cable and hardware (not the cheapest) were among the many obvious improvements. A few years later as the industry demanded better cable systems and standards, the EIA/TIA and IEEE among others created requirements and wrote standards for the industry. Without even knowing it, most of the standards we had made up ourselves several years before wound up as standards with the EIA/TIA and IEEE. Over the years these standards and requirements have changed and grown but the basics are still the same.

With the demand for communications and information technology of today, many people have jumped into the arena of providing voice and data cable systems. The problem is most of them do not understand the need for a Structured Cable System or even what a Structured Cable System is. A wire is not a wire. Laying a voice and/or data cable on top of a florescent light is not acceptable. There is a difference between Cat5e minimum compliant and enhanced Cat5e or Cat6 and enhanced Cat6. You need someone that has the experience, training, and desire to do the job properly.

United Security Communications has spent the time and money to properly train our technicians in the proper way to design and install Structured Cable Systems. With certifications from Siemon, AMP, Panduit and more, we strive to provide the best Structured Cable Systems in the area. After our cable systems are installed we test and certify the cable system using test equipment designed to assure the cable system will provide top performance. A printed report is available upon request when we complete your Structured Cable System.

Your Structured Cable System is the backbone of your communications. You can trust United Security Communications to provide you with the system you need and stand behind it. We look forward to providing our services and proving you have made the right decision to go with United Security Communications, Inc.

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